The Sayers & Scovill Warranty

Limited Body & Parts Warranty:

Subject to the limitations set forth below, The S&S Coach Company warrants to the original retail customer that the section of the body and any parts manufactured by S&S Coach to be free of defects in material and workmanship when used and maintained in accordance with recommended procedures. Such warranty will cover a time equal to four (4) years from the date of delivery or 50,000 miles, whichever comes first. 

Limited Lifetime Frame Warranty:

The S&S Coach Company warrants the conversion portion of the frame to be free of defects in materials and workmanship, under normal uses and service, as long as the original retail customer owns the vehicle. The dealer or factory-authorized repair facility will, without charge to the retail customer, either repair the defective body section/part or replace it with a new or reconditioned section/part after obtaining prior authorization from The S&S Coach Company to make repairs.

Limited Lifetime Paint Warranty:

The S&S Coach Company warrants the paint applied during the conversion process for as long as the original retail customer owns the vehicle.

Diagnostic Time:

Prior approval from The S&S Coach Company required for diagnosis time that may be charged by the dealer or authorized service agent for warranty work.

Door & Hinge Alignments:

Door and hinge alignments will be warranted one (1) time only to the first retail customer.

This Warranty Will Not Cover:

  1. Damage or deterioration from normal wear and tear or exposure to environmental elements.
  2. Normal maintenance service.
  3. Damage or defect as a result of improper or unauthorized service.
  4. Damage or defect due to abuse, accident or abnormal operation or use.
  5. Damage or defect as a result of installation of additional equipment by anyone other than S&S Coach Company.
  6. Any vehicle on which the odometer mileage cannot be determined.
  7. Paint or body damage resulting from: stone throw, airborne rust, industrial fall-out, etc. that have not been supplied or approved by The S&S Coach Company.
  8. Installation of parts that have not been supplied or approved by The S&S Coach Company.
  9. The original equipment, (OEM) chassis and parts.
  10. Paint damage due to: inadequate protection of the finish, improper cleaning and polishing procedures or materials.
  11. Imperfections in body paint, exterior moldings and or decals applied by S&S Coach. Such imperfections are normally apparent during the new vehicle delivery inspections conducted by the dealer and the original retail customer and should be corrected at a time.

The S&S Coach Company reserves the right to have authorized factory representatives make a physical inspection of any vehicle, prior to repairs. The judgment of S&S Coach as to the existence of any covered defect shall be binding and conclusive upon all parties. S&S Coach limits its warranty responsibility to proper installation only, of components such as: televisions, video players, telephones, audio systems, auxiliary batteries and air conditioning systems or any other items that are provided to S&S Coach bearing their own manufacturer’s warranty. Documents, describing warranty terms and claims procedures for these components, will be furnished with the vehicle.

Exclusions and Implied Warranties:

This is the sole warranty offered by The S&S Coach Company. No other warranty, expressed or implied shall apply, including any implied warranty or merchantability of or fitness for a particular use. Any such implied warranties are expressly disclaimed. In the event that applicable law prevents the disclaimer of implied warranties, then such implied warranties shall be limited to the duration of this express warranty. S&S Coach’s liability shall be limited, at S&S Coach’s discretion, to the repair or replacement of the goods that fail to meet the quality and specifications warranted. S&S Coach will not be responsible or liable for indirect or consequential damages of any kind, however arising, including but not limited to loss of use, loss of time, inconvenience, incidental or consequential damages with respect to persons, business or property, whether as a result of breach of warranty, negligence or otherwise.

Important Notes:

To qualify for warranty consideration, prior approval from The S&S Coach Company must be obtained, before repairs are made. No dealer or representative of S&S Coach has the authority to change or modify this warranty.


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