Funeral Vehicles

2017 Masterpiece


XTS Masterpiece

The styling details evoke the classic lines of the stately “Commercial Glass” coaches from the golden age of funeral vehicles combined with the sleek flow and state of the art technology of the latest Cadillac. Completing the modernization is a new, innovative load door that allows pallbearers maximum access to the casket compartment. Honoring the past…advancing to the future…


2017 Park Hill


XTS Park Hill

In the tradition of elegant functionality and style, the S&S Park Hill features an entirely painted exterior combined with rear quarter windows that allow a modern design of flowing lines that integrate well into the Cadillac XTS. An extremely spacious rear compartment offering a traditional interior design with that extra load floor length to help accommodate flowers. The integrated design along with the unsurpassed S&S reliability allow for a professional vehicle that will build your firm’s image.

2017 Victoria


XTS Victoria

Tradition and elegance are the operative words to describe the S&S Victoria. The Victoria’s contoured lines present a style with distinctive character. The traditional, hinged casket door, available with right or left opening, provides unsurpassed stylish functionality that sets this vehicle apart in its class.



XTS Medalist

Innovative and distinctive are the words that best describe the S&S Medalist. Styled with an aerodynamic shape that blends well with the modern Cadillac chassis, the overall design exudes quality and prestige with a contemporary look that ensures distinction for your funeral home.



MKT Majestic

The classic coachwork styling of the S&S Majestic combines with the contemporary Lincoln design to produce a balanced and strikingly beautiful appearance. It’s a modern classic with an S&S pedigree.

2017 70 Limo


XTS 70″ Six-Door Limousine

The 70-Inch Six Door Limousine gives the customer the luxury and versatility to use this Limousine day or night as the demand provides. The Computer Aided Design (CAD) of this vehicle allows for the most precise alignment to integrate the conversion portion of the Limousine into the OEM chassis lines and flows flawlessly. The Professional Roof offers 4 inches of additional headroom. The Professional Roof works in concert with an OEM styled headliner to gain that extra headroom. The standard conference style seating allows family to be together during a trying time and also allows friends to better enjoy a special occasion.

2017 47 Limo


XTS 47″ Six-Door Limousine

Family comfort was at the forefront as we designed our professional limousines. This goal was achieved with both the elegant S&S Cadillac Six Door Funeral Limousine and the S&S Cadillac Six Door Professional Roof Limousine. Stylish comfort allows you to better serve your families.


MKT 44” Six Door Funeral Limousine

Your image is as important to us at The S&S Coach Company as it is to you. The S&S Lincoln six door limousine provides you a truly functional vehicle and a prestigious image when paired with the S&S Majestic Lincoln Hearse. Shown with the available trunk option. Standard hatchback model also available.